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ListBuildSurf.com FAQs


What is ListBuildSurf.com?

ListBuildSurf.com is a manual traffic exchange specifically designed to help marketers market their site(s) to other like-minded individuals. As a member of ListBuildSurf.com, you can purchase or earn credits. These credits can then be assigned to YOUR web sites or banners or text links. Once assigned, our other members will begin viewing your advertisements.

What is a Traffic Exchange?

A traffic exchange provides for an exchange of website views. You view other members sites that they are marketing in exchange for other members viewing your sites. You can also purchase credits which you can use to market your website(s).

What is Surfing?

Surfing is the process of viewing other members sites. You will have to view each site for a predetermined number of seconds (in the case of ListBuildSurf.com, this is a minimum of 10 seconds). Then, you will be allowed to "surf" onto the next site.

What does "Manual" Surfing Mean?

Manual surfing means that you must perform an action (clicking an image) to view the next site and earn more credits. By making all users wait till the timer reaches zero and click a correct image, this ensures that real visitors are actually looking at your sites.

Is ListBuildSurf.com Free?

Yes. When you first sign up for ListBuildSurf.com, you are a FREE MEMBER. Any user can remain a free member and continue to enjoy free benefits for the term of their membership. However if you are wanting to receive maximum benefits from ListBuildSurf.com, you should consider upgrading your account.

What are the Different Types of Memberships and What are the Benefits?

The benefits of the different types of accounts are:

FREE Surfer List Builder PRO

2:1 Surfing Ratio

6 Second Timer

NO Bonus Credits Per Month

25% Commissions On Referral Purchases

NO Random Referrals

50% Auto Assign


1:1 Surfing Ratio

4 Second Timer

1000 Bonus Credits Per Month

50% Commissions On Referral Purchases

Random Referrals

25% Auto Assign



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